Our Work

Wonderland Agristock Limited has introduced a new way of doing business in Papua New Guinea – a commercial Community Piggery Enterprise (CPE) with a social community development component, engaging family farms in agriculture leveraging the knowledge we already have in growing kaukau (sweet potato) and rearing pigs.

The key to long-term sustainability is the locally produced stockfeed. Stockfeed provides opportunities not just for those who are growing pigs but also for farmers interested in growing crops for stock feed. Nearly 2000 farmers are currently growing inputs for stockfeed in Hela.

Model farmers are trained in crop and pig production.  Using a digital platform, the program will enable best practice agricultural methods. These will apply from the local gardens for the crops to the point of sale for pork products. 

Over time, the Community Piggery Enterprise will scale, and an abattoir will be built, enabling Papua New Guinea to access locally grown pork. This program is set to improve our economy, provide local jobs, and reduce food insecurity.

We are building sustainable agribusinesses starting with a Community Piggery Enterprise in Hela.